Frequently asked Questions

What are your Opening Hours?

Answer: Our regular opening hours are:
Monday - Thursday: 11.00-22.00
Friday: 11.00-21.00
Weekends: 11.00-19.00
You can see our exceptional opening
hours on the tab: Opening Hours

How do I book a course?

Answer: If you want to book a course,
you can email us, or call us during our phone hours.

Can you rent climbingshoes?

Svar: Yes, you can rent climbingshoes, it costs 40kr.
We also rent out harnesses (20 kr), belaydevices (20 kr)
and chalkbags (10 kr).

Can you rent equipment for outdoor use?

Answer: No, we dont rent out equipment for outdoor use.

Can you buy climbing equipment at your gym?

Answer: Yes, we have a shop at Klätterdomen. In our shop we have equipment you need for indoor and outdoor climbing. Read more under tab Shop.

Do you have climbinggroups for children?

Answer: Yes we do, we have climbinggroups for
children from 7 to 13 years old. And youth
climbinggroups from 14 years old.
Read more about Children Groups and Youth Groups.

Do you have technique courses?

Svar: Yes, we do. Read more about them under the tab: Technique Course

Can I bring my dog?

Answer: No, dogs are not allowed.

Do you have showers?

Answer: Yes, we have two showers and one toilette in each changing room. We also have two toilettes out in the gym and
lockers to keep your belongings in.

What is a Topropecard?

Answer: Topropecard is the license that is required to get to belay on toprope at indoorclimbing gyms in Sweden. The topropecard is required to belay another person on toprope and use of our autobelays.

How do you get a topropecard?

Answer: To get the topropecard you need to go a topropecourse. Read more about the course under the tab: Toprope Course

What is toprope and lead?

Answer: Toprope means that the rope is already set on the wall. High walls where there are hanging ropes, these are called topropes. To belay on these, you need a topropecard.

Lead is when the ropes aren't already set on the walls, so you have to set the rope on your own.
In order to be able to climb and belay on lead, you need to have the swedish leadcard. Read more under the tab: Lead Course

What is bouldering?

Answer: Bouldering is climbing on lower walls, usually 4-5 meters high, and you have a thick mat underneath.
Bouldering is generally more strength and explosivity compared to ropeclimbing.
If you want to test bouldering you can come here during our opening hours, pay entrance and rent climbing shoes.
No previous experience is required.
Staff gives you a rule- and safety review. You can also read our rules on the tab: Rules

What is Autobelay and what is required to use them?

Answer: Autobelay is a device that belays you.
An autobelay allows you to climb by yourself on the topropewalls. 
In order to use an autobelay, the swedish toprope card is required.
At Klätterdomen we have 9 walls with autobelay.