Övre Kaserngården 2
415 27 Göteborg



Phone Hours:
Weekdays: 08.15-09.15
031 - 48 97 70

WGS84: N 57° 44.1649', E 12° 1.8347'
Decimal: 57.7361, 12.0306

How to get to Klätterdomen

With tram/bus

Tram Stop: Kviberg
Bus Stop: Brovägen
Walking distant from tram/bus stop: 2-3 minutes

From the Centralstation:
Tram 7 & 11 towards Kortedala
Bus 58 towards Bergsjön
Travel time: 11 minutes

From Korsvägen:
Tram 6 towards Kortedala
Travel time: 19 minutes

From Partille Centrum:
Bus 519 towards Heden
Travel time: 11 minutes

With Car

Klätterdomen is located in Kviberg's Old Regiment.
Drive into the regiment, then drive to the upper level,
Klätterdomen is the first house on the left.

On the upper level there is a large parkinglot.
Klätterdomen have customer parking (the asphalted places along the house).