Climbing Walls

Klätterdomen has climbingwalls for topropeclimbing, leadclimbing, autobelay and bouldering.
We have 55 topropes, 8 Autobelays and a large leadclimbing cave. The walls are between 11 - 14 meters high.
Vertical, Slabs, Overhang, Cracks, Stalactites, Drytooling,
2 Pillars and much more.


We have two large bouldering sections.
They are between 4-5 meters high.

The boulderingwalls have slab, roofs, overhang, jamcrack, fingercrack, waves and more.


Upstairs we have a small gym with:
Campusboard, laddder, pullup bar, fingerboards, rings,
bench press, dumbbells, barbell, pegboard and more.


Coffee is considered by many climbers to be the most important part of a training session, so of course we have a café at Klätterdomen.
We sell coffee, baguettes, ciabatta, energy bars, goodies, drinks and lots more!

Klätterdomen have vegan & vegeterian baguettes, ciabatta,
goodies, energy bars and coffee milk.

We also have Lactose-free & Gluten-free options.


In our shop at Klätterdomen we have a large selection of all the equipment you need for indoor and outdoor climbing.

Visit the Shop tab to read more about our selections.