Toprope Course

Toprope Course

The course requires no prior knowledge and is a good first course to start climbing!
On a topropecourse you will learn: to belay on toprope, equipment, climbing technique and safety in indoor climbing.
If you are approved after the course you will receive the Topropecard.


Fixed times (info below): 850kr/ person
Other time: 1,050kr/person
The course is divided into 2 parts.
Part 1: 2 hours
Part 2: 2 hours
Shoes and harness are included in the price.

Minimum age 14 years.
Under 18 years, requires parent permission.

What is a Topropecard?

Topropecard is the license that is required to get to belay on toprope at indoorclimbing gyms in Sweden. Just like driving license are required to drive cars, the topropecard is required to belay another person on toprope. If you want to know more about toprope visit our page: Q&A

Fixed Times
Reservation is Required

Part 1


Note: During the summer the
Part 1 days can sometimes change to Wednesday or Thursday depending on demand.

Part 2


Note: During the summer the
Part 2 days can sometimes change to Monday or Tuesday depending on demand.

If the fixed times doesn't work:

Then the course costs
1 050kr/person and
you must be at least 2 persons.


Information we need:
How many you are
If anyone is under the age of 18 please let us know
Which day/date (preferably several proposed dates)