Technique Courses

Drop-in Technique Course

NOTE: From now on the drop-in technique course on the first WEDNESDAY instead!

On the first Wednesday of each month we have a
drop-in technique course.

This is for you who have just started climbing and want to learn basic techniques and how to get started with your climbing.

The focus will be on how to move the most efficiently on the wall and how to use your feet in the best way.

The course is one session on the first Tuesday of each month.
At: 19.00 - 21.00
Price: 350 kr/participant
Requirements: Topropecard and at least 16 years old.
Equipment: Bring your own or rent at Klätterdomen

Private Technique Course

If you want to get climbing techniquetips to become a better adn stronger climber, the 1.5 hour course is for you.

Get tips and exercises on what you need to improve in your climbing.

Price: 450kr/participant + entrance. (Min. 2 people)

The private technique course are booked by appointment with the instructor on Monday and Tuesday evening or Wednesday-Friday morning/early afternoon.

Technique Courses with more than One Session

Technique Course Part 1

This course is for you who just started climbing or have climbed for a while and are climbing around 5c-6b+.

On this course you will learn basic to a little more advanced technique and the best way for you to become a better climber.

Focus on the course will be on toprope but bouldering will also be included.

The course is 3 times on tuesday evenings at. 19.00 - 21.00.
Price: 850 kr/participant + entrance fee
Requirements: Topropecard and at least 16 years old
Equipment: Bring your own or rent at Klätterdomen

Technique Course Part 2

This course is for you who have climbed for a while and climb around 6c-7b.

This course will focus on more advanced climbing technique and gaining insight on how to train properly to become a better climber. You will get training exercises to do inbetween the technique sessions.

After completing the course, the aim is that you have improved your technique and understand the importance of structuring your workout in order to progress and develop as climbers.

The course is 5 times on tuesday evenings at. 18.30 - 21.00.
Price: 1600kr/participant + entrance.
Requirements: Topropecard (preferably leadcard) and at least 16 years old.
Equipment: Bring your own or rent at Klätterdomen


The courses starts when enough people wnat to participate.
You are notified in advance via email when it will start..

The private technique course are booked by appointment with the instructor on Monday/Tuesday evening or Wednesday-Friday morning/early afternoon.

Axel Hultqvist

The trainer is Axel Hultqvist, one of Sweden's best sportclimber.
He have studied sport science at Gothenburg University and has many years of experience in how to train to become a better climber.