Children Climbing Groups

In our children groups we have instructors that teach
different climbing techniques in educational and fun ways.
Climbing is a versatile sport where you practice both balance,
stamina, agility and strength.


From 6 years and up to 13 years old.
The groups are divided by age.
10 sessions, saturday/sunday
and 1h 25 min/session
The training starts with warming-up and a review of today's training. The children both get to boulder and climb on the ropes. The session ends with stretching.
The climbing equipment needed is included in the price.

Children must have a relative with them that has the topropecard.
To be able to belay in indoorgyms in Sweden one must have the topropecard and to get that card you need to go a topropecourse. We arrange these courses for the relatives that are going to belay on the children groups.
More information about those courses below.

Autumn 2018

The Groups for Children Starts:
Saturday september 15th
Sunday september 16th

(Break november 3-4th)

Note: You can not catch up on missed times.


Information we need:
Personal Number
Phone Number

Topropecourse for Relatives

If you need to take the topropecard,
it is important to register for the topropecourse.
The course is divided into 2 parts.
Part 1: 2 hours
Part 2: 2 hours

Group A:
Week 36: monday & wednesday, kl.19.15-21.15
Group B:
Week 36: tuesday & thursday, kl.19.15-21.15
Group C:
Week 37: tuesday & thursday, kl.19.15-21.15

These courses costs 700 kr/person
instead of the usual price 850 kr/person.
Note: Bring indoor shoes.


Fee for Children Groups:
1800 kr

Fee for Topropecourse:
700 kr

Bankgiro: 5864-0228 - Klätterdomen

Do not pay in until you have received confirmation from us that your child can particiapte in the childrens group.

Latest date for Payment:
August 19, 2018